Inclusion: We believe that all Deaf or hearing impaired children are entitled to full access to opportunities, services and care available in our Society.  The most fundamental strategy towards inclusion is communication.  All Deaf or hearing impaired children should have the opportunity to communicate within their family, community and society in general so as to enhance their inclusion.

Deaf Children’s Rights are Universal Human Rights: Deaf children like all other children have the right of care and protection from abuse, the right to education, health and family life.  Further enjoyment of all human rights on an equal basis with others includes respect for their evolving capacities and their right to preserve their identities.

Empowering families: We believe that families have a key role to play in caring for and defending the rights of Deaf children.  For parents to effectively do this, they need to be able to communicate with their children, they need information, help to mobilize and they need to overcome their own development challenges.  Poverty is a key barrier to empowering families in Kenya.

Accountability and Integrity: We believe that in order to achieve the best possible outcome for Deaf children and their families, for whom all our work is carried on their behalf; we need to put in place strategic partnerships with donors and supporters.  Responsibility to all our stakeholders, integrity and good governance are critical in our operation in order to manage resources put in our trust for the benefit of all Deaf children.