About us

About us

Our History


Kenya Society for Deaf Children (KSDC) is a non-profit making non-governmental organization committed to the rights needs and interest of hearing impaired children in the areas of:- Education, Health General welfare
The society was started in 1958 with the aim of assisting hearing impaired children develop their potential in order to facilitate active participation in productive activities within the society.
Our Vision
For every deaf child in Kenya , the opportunity to reach their full potential
Our Mission
The mission of the KSDC is to cater for needs of hearing impaired children in matters concerning their Health, Education and General welfare through

  • Strengthening institutional mechanisms that cater for the hearing impaired children
  • Sensitizing parents, community and government on the plight of the hearing impaired children and their families
  • Implementing programs that provide support to families of hearing impaired children so that all hearing children can have a chance to develop their full potential.
  • Advocating and lobbying for the rights of hearing impaired children.

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