Children And Disability Rights

deaf rights


Promoting The Rights Of Deaf Children And Their Families


The society aims to ensure deaf children in Kenya have access to their rights, in particular the rights to family life, education and protection. KSDC builds the capacity of parents and the wider family to communicate with and support their deaf child, to understand their responsibilities regarding their child’s right, and to engage in local decision making processes affecting their deaf child. The society works  with the Ministry of Education, The National Council For persons With Disabilities,The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights,The Kenya Association Of parents of The Deaf and other actors and NGOs. County level representatives  have been provided with training and materials to ensure they can identify and support deaf children in accessing their rights. They support the establishment of sub-county level Family Groups which have a peer support and advocacy role. At the national level, the society aims to ensure parents and the wider family have the capacity to participate in developing a national movement, with a voice that is heard by decision makers, accorded respect and influence provision for deaf children.

The society has also engaged in national and international level lobbying for the achievement of rights of deaf and hard of hearing children and carried out legal interventions towards enforcement of the rights.